Points Program Desconto Please!

Since the discount card network please is increasing and so that our partners and card users are able to take advantage of the Portugal Please discount program, we want to simply and quickly give you the possibility to register and the partners put the discounts associated with each purchase for both of them benefiting from gains throughout the year.

How does the Points program work?

1. Create a Portugal Please! account;
2. Associate the card code in your personal area;
3. On a purchase and provided the member is a discount member please submit your code to register the discount;
4. Once the purchase has been made, your discount has been made successfully.
5. Enter your personal area and follow the discounts you have had over time, the total amount of discounts, and the amount of credit accumulated;

If you are a Portugal Please!

Most partners have personalized cards, once distributed the code of the card belongs to their business network.

So if a user uses your custom card in their purchase, you automatically receive points. Also the partner where the purchase was made receives the same points, and the user earns the credits corresponding to the value of the purchase.

For this, the Partner shall:

1. Sign in to the Partner account;
2. Enter the discount, indicating: the card code, the discount, the value and confirm.

These are small steps that make the difference and with that Network Discount Please! Increase visibility in the market, partners gain, users as well.

How can I redeem my accumulated Points / Credits?

If you are a partner:

You can exchange points for Portugal Please! Services:

- Advertising Spots,
- Digital Fayers, to further promote your business in social networks and / or other channels.

If it is User:

You can exchange your Gift Card credits

* Note: you can only redeem at most 3 Gift Card per year;

Service Values / Gift Card / Points?

For the user:

1 purchase = 0.01 €

For the partner:

1 purchase = 0.01 €

Flayer: 3 points

Spot Advertiser: 5 points

Gift Card: each card is € 10.00

* Note: the user can only redeem at most 3 Gift Card per year ( 10.00 + 10.00 + 10.00 = 30,00 €).

* Note: Portugal Please! reserves the right to request invoices for purchases over € 75.00

To Portugal Please! It assumes by default in the veracity of the discounts made in the system.

For any other clarification, please contact us by e-mail: