What we do

Portugal Please! is a Digital Marketing Platform, dedicated to the Promotion of Tourism in the Northern Region of Portugal.

We publish and disseminate our region worldwide, motivating and promoting direct contact between Guests, Owners and Business Partners in the Region. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible experience through our Partners. In this sense, our positioning strategies allow us to connect the right customers to the right Companies with more success than ever before.

The best way to win customers is to promote the best that the region has.
To Portugal Please! goes through promoting the whole region, from its Heritage, nature, activities, culture and gastronomy. This interest translates into customers looking for various services, such as: Accommodation, catering, activities, shopping, health and wellness, support services, you can find in Portugal Please!

We have in our data base all the stakeholders directly or indirectly linked to the Tourism sector and in an articulated way that allows our Partners to provide a better service and contribute to boosting the entire Tourism offer of the region.

We have as main objective, the Tourist Dynamization  of Portugal, supported by a collective strategy.

We take advantage of the proximity of our Partners for the realization of the Tourist Guide, where we put together all the Tourist Resorts spread throughout the North of Portugal and all the indispensable information, in a single space, that facilitates the Tourist and Visitor to find what they are looking for, to define better their program and give them reasons to discover or stay in our region any longer.

How Do We Do It?

- We promote and sponsor local products;

- We create and support local events;

- We provide support services;

- We present our offer as: where to eat, shopping, support services, where to sleep, what to do and visit, supporting the Tourist and the Visitor;

- We report an event of our region, to arouse the interest of the visitor (fairs, exhibitions, shows, calendars events of the respective districts of our region).

How we work:

Reservations and purchases are made between Guests, Customers and Owners.

splendid proposal lda secures the negotiations, proving the legality and location of the Business Owner, both the user and the advertiser being covered by the terms and conditions of use of www.portugalplease!