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Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, spread from south to north of the Iberian peninsule, bathed by the Atlantic. Its extensive Atlantic coast with its excellent beaches, combined with weather conditions, allows surfers from all over the world to practice the sport all year round.

Portugal is known for its beautiful beaches, distributed from South to North of the Iberian Peninsula, bathed by the Atlantic.

Its extensive Atlantic coast with its excellent beaches, combined with the weather conditions, allows surfers from all over the world to practice the sport all year round.

The variety of existing spots allows the practitioner to adjust the waves to their degree of experience, be it fearless or initiated in the modality.

Portugal is on the world surfing route, stage of the main international events, and also known by the giant waves of Nazareth, through world-renowned practitioners.

Surfing in Portugal would not have a great impact, if it had not been associated with this modality, other nautical modalities, all the Turística that complements it, such as the local Gastronomy, Accommodations, points of interest for visits, activities related to nature, being these also strong points of capture of Tourists and visitors to our region.

Being the sea our greatest tourist potential in summer, for those who enjoy sunbathing and water, it also gains its importance in the low season, thanks to water sports, our climate being mild throughout the year, the practice of this be an outstanding experience.


1 - Moledo do Minho

In Caminha, it is the last village on the north coast, from where you can see the neighboring Spain, in a magnificent scenery that joins the Foz do Rio Minho, Mount Santa Tecla, the Fort of Ínsua on a small island about 200 meters from the coast, a beach with about 3kms of white sand, Dunes, rocks and Pinhal, from where you can watch a magnificent sunset in the late afternoon.

Destination sought for the practice of water sports, such as Surf, Kite-Surf, Wind-Surf and Paddle Surf and also for moments of relaxation and rest. For nature lovers, we suggest hiking, bicycle tours or a visit to the historic center of Vila de Caminha, about 3Klms and making the best choice in a universe of excellent restaurants at your disposal.

The water quality is excellent, the beach is guarded, has showers and bathrooms, beach equipment rentals, good access for the disabled, nightlife and restaurants on the seafront.

It has reasonable Spots, best in high season and reasonable throughout the year, offers better conditions in mid-tide.

2 - Vila Praia de Ancora

Further south, about 12 kms north of Viana Do Castelo, we find a fishing village full of traditions, with a fishing port, next to the Lagarteiro Fort, followed by an extensive sand and dunes to the Dog Fort in "Gelfa", in an extension of 3Klms. In the urban part of Vila, in front of the beach, a marginal and ecovia, we find several restaurants of fish and seafood.

Its beach is magnificent, with reasonable Spots, offers good waves at low tide, excellent conditions for the less experienced, has school for anyone wanting to start the sport and surf shop. The water quality is good with temperatures averaging around 15 and 19 degrees. There are changing rooms and disabled access and the beach is guarded during the bathing season.

3 - Praia da Arda

Continuing south, in the village of Afife, we find Arda Beach to the south and the Beach Bar the center of Afife, with a stretch of 4Klms of fine white sand, dunes and rocks. North of Porto, Praia da Arda is one of the best known beaches in the Surfing community, due to its excellent waves, the National and International Campionatos stage of this sport. is the most consistent wave of Viana do Castelo. It is a very open beach at the entrance of ripples and is has a good spot for surfing, between spring and autumn. With bathrooms and showers, handicapped access and blue flag, water with excellent quality. It also has schools to start the modality, to operate at any time of the year.

4 - Cabedelo Beach

South of Viana Do Castelo, near the city and Foz do Rio Lima, Cabedelo Beach, has a strong tradition for Surfers and Stand Up Paddle and mainly for Kite-Surf, due to the strong winds that characterize this locality . With a small beach to the left of the spur and an extensive sand of losing sight of the left of the spur, being ideal for practicing extreme sports and windsurfing.

Here several international competitions take place. The beach has connection to the city center, through Ferry Boat,

is a beach very sought after by the practitioners of the North of Spain. It has a very consistent right peak in the winter. It allows good surfing with empty tide and tide and has waves up to 2.5 meters. It has showers and bathrooms, parking, various schools of the modalities and support services.

5 - The beach of Ofir

It is located near the mouth of the Cávado River, in Esposende, is located in the Natural Park of the North Coast, Esposende is located about 27 kms south of Viana do Castelo.
The beach is very exposed to all winds. Beach with sand bottom at the mouth of a small river, is a place to surf with average conditions. This beach has a strong demand in summer and weekends, with paved accesses as well as various infrastructures to support bathers, of which the Portuguese sidewalk stands out, which opens the access to the beach and where there are several esplanades.

The level of Surf is good for beginners, the length of the waves are generally short, waves to be around 1,5metros.

6 - The Beach of the Aguçadoura

It is located about 38km south of Viana do Castelo and north of Póvoa de Varzim, it is a beach in Póvoa do Varzim, it is accessed by Marginal do Cruzeiro and lies between Paimó Beach and the. To the north of this one stands the Rio Alto Beach. It is in front of Aguçadoura Beach that is installed the world's first wave energy park.

Aguçadoura beach is sought after by surfers from the North of Portugal and North of Spain, it is a wide zone of great quality for the practice of Surf, appropriate during all the tides, with swells from Northwest to Southwest, with very consistent waves that break on the beach. It has showers and bathrooms.

7 - On the beach of Póvoa de Varzim

It is advisable to practice surfing with medium or high tide and with special boots because of the rocks. If swell and wind conditions are created, good waves can be picked up. Swells are strong, but you have to be careful with the chains. It is advised to practice this modality for the most experienced, the best tide is the high. It is an urban beach, with typical characteristics, with a lot of movement in the bathing season and in the low season at the weekends. Offers all conditions for swimmers.

8 - The Blue Beach

It is located in Vila Do Conde, about 37 kms north of Porto. As the rocks are very sharp, on this beach it is advisable to surf with medium or high tide and with special boots. If swell conditions and wind are favorable, you can catch some fantastic waves. The swells are strong, but it is necessary to be careful with the currents, it is advised to the more experienced, the high tide is the most favorable.

The easy access and all the surrounding infrastructures, the pedestrian promenade are excellent options next to the beach. Excellent supports that serve the needs of vacationers.

9 - The Beach of Azurara

It has an extensive beach, lovers of surf and kitesurf, find here great conditions for the practice of these modalities.

It has a very consistent surf, which can practice at any time of year, ideal western ripple. Surfable waves in all phases of the tide. Be aware of the rocks that exist.

It is a beach sought by many young people, where some concerts and festivals are held with posters of national and international artists. Its natural landscape with an extensive dune area and a quiet lake nearby, enrich the entire Azurara Beach, which provides good infrastructure.

11 - The beach of Leça da Palmeira

In Matosinhos It is located north of the Leça River and 12kms north of the city of Porto. It is one of the most known beaches of the great Port, where Surf and Bodyboarding is king. It is a guarded beach, with showers and bathrooms, with excellent conditions to support the bathers, with blue flag.

It has the most regular peak of the zone where you can surf all year. Beach open to the swell, slightly protected from the south wind. They break powerful waves, quite frequently, all year long. Waves for surfers of all levels, undulations that can reach three meters. Slightly protected from the South Wind.

Favorable winds from the East, Southeast. Surf shops and schools.

Matosinhos is unquestionably gastronomic, contemporary architecture, the immense coastline, pilgrimages, monuments and history.

Location - Leça da Palmeira GPS (Latitude: 41 ° 11.351 '; Longitude: -9.312269).

12 - Matosinhos

It is one of the largest cities in the district of Porto, located next to the city of Porto, has a large area bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Matosinhos is a city with great industrial development, which seeks to maintain its popular traditions at the same time.

The beach of Matosinhos, where the Surf is also a tradition, is located south of the mouth of the River Leça, 10 km north of Porto. This beach needs a good swell to have consistent waves. It is considered a good beach for the initiation of Surfing. There is a lot of population in the summer. Water quality is acceptable.

13 - The Beach of Miramar

It is located about 23 kms south of Porto. It is one of the most sandy beaches in the county of Vila Nova de Gaia. It has a concave right wave making it one of the best waves in the north of the country. It is not ideal for beginners since the wave is heavy, the tide has better conditions. It is a beach with many rocks, it is recommended to wear special boots. It is a guarded beach with excellent support services, it has disabled access, showers and bathrooms, beach bars and blue flag.

It is characterized for being an urban beach, with an extensive beach, and privileged conditions for bathers and water sportsmen.

Vila Nova de Gaia has an extensive Atlantic coastline, around 18km, along which beaches with a very natural richness and recognized therapeutic characteristics are observed. It has a pleasant pedestrian path always with the company of the sea.

14 - The beach of Espinho

It is located south of Porto about 25 kms from this city. It has good spots. Holds a ripple that can go to 3 meters, with good formation.
At high tide the waves come up to the rock. Their waves are powerful, so it presents a level of requirement for the most experienced Sufirtas. The water quality is good and the best tide is the empty one.

With a warm white sand beach, with blue flag, with accesses facilitated by the proximity of parking and public transport. The beach is guarded, has cafes and support services to enjoy in full, the sea and the summer sun.