Restaurante Casa do Provedor

Restaurante Casa do Provedor

The Casa do Provedor restaurant opens its doors in the historic center of Ponte de Lima, in the old Casa do Provedor where the original structure was preserved. It serves traditional Minho dishes and a menu for all tastes: Sushi, Vegetarian, with take away service and delibery ...

If you are looking for where to eat in Ponte de Lima, restaurants in Ponte de Lima, in the oldest village in Portugal and surroundings, there are several excellent options for those who like to eat well, the dishes in this beautiful town are usually made up of meat from local producers, from which we highlight the Arroz de Sarrabulho, the Portuguese stew, the oven-roasted pork, the roasted goat, the cod with bread, the pork rojões, but there are also other dishes rich in flavors and traditions, it will be difficult to find which is the best...



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The Casa do Provedor restaurant is located in the historic center of the village, near the Arco da Porta Nova on the walls of Ponte de Lima.

It is a cozy house where you can taste the real and traditional Regional Cuisine of Minho. However, to satisfy all palates, he added new recipes to his menu with equally fresh and top quality products, such as paleo dishes, sushi and matured meats. Come and try it!

In winter you can enjoy the pleasant warmth of the fireplace. In summer you can choose the terrace when the weather invites you.

The space is prepared to host various events and if you prefer, you can welcome the Chef to your home to prepare a special meal for you.

*SUSHI specialties!

*Regional specialties
- Red Wine Polvinho
- Cod with Onions
- Cod with Broa
- Post to the Ombudsman
- Sarrabulho rice
- Roasted Milk Goat
- Various Salads
- Delicious desserts
- Child Menus
- Good Wines ...

Place your order now, we have take-away service and home delivery ...

Opening hours
12 noon to 3:30 pm and 7 pm to 10:30 pm
Closed on Wednesdays

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Location Map

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Rua da Porta Nova, nº 22

4990-092 - Ponte de Lima


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