Gastronomy and Flavors

We have reason to be proud and to share with others the flavors and knowledge of our region with our own identity. The varied ways of making our local products, makes our region rich in taste and aromas, our cuisine combines perfectly with our wines, where cooking and making wine is an art.

      We have reason to feel proud and anxious to share with others the flavors and knowledges of our region with its own identity. The varied forms of confection of our local products, makes our region rich in palates and aromas, our gastronomy perfectly combines with our wines, region where cooking and making wine is an art. Our gastronomy and wines have been, over the years, a symbol and pole of tourist attraction.

     In the region of Costa Verde, we can find in any part of the region the delicious typical dishes of the north, such as green broth, cod, rojões, duck with rice, among other regional dishes. In Viana do Castelo, rice with cod and the octopus to Margarida da Praça. In Caminha, the cooked eiroz and the sargo. In Paredes de Coura, the cod to Miquelina; in Monção, the roasted kid, the shad and the lamprey; in Melgaço, the hams; in Porto, the famous gut.

     In the desserts, we can taste rich and varied sweets traditionally made by the nuns - "São Gonçalo" and "papos de anjo", "dulce de traessa", "arroz dulce" and "noodle", "rabanadas" the "dreams" and the "scrambled", the delicious "loaf of bread" and the sweets based on egg yolk and almond paste. How many drinks, Port wines and Green wines are the maximum.

     Several studies indicate that Portugal is the "Mediterranean" country that has least altered its traditional eating habits.

    Our cheeses produced in the mountains of the Barranco, the ham of Vinhais and Miranda and Montalegre, lamb of Montalegre and Bragança, Cabrito Transmontano, Cabrito das Terras do Minho, Borrego Terrincho, meat Cachena da Peneda, Barrosã de Arouquesa and Mirandesa and the honey, chestnut, Douro and Trás-os-Montes olive oil, Almond of the Douro, are some examples of our typical flavors of the North.