In the form of simple and well garnished dishes, made with high quality products and certified meat from the region, with flavors and aromas that seem to exude from the landscapes from which they come. Simple and careful cooking is guided by wise hands who know the origin of the ingredients well, often brought directly from the garden to the kitchen.




The succulent and delicious steak of Mirandese veal, originating from cattle (Mirela Vella) which grazes loose in green marshes, needs no more than a pinch of seasoning salt and embers, at the right point, to be served.

From the Braganza lamb and the Montesinho kid, it removes the most genuine and intense flavors, only possible because the herds graze free in natural meadows. The game dishes, traditionally cooked on the fire in iron pots, provide aromatic stews and opulent rice that bring to mind the grandparents' house.

Bísaro pork, an indigenous Portuguese breed from the region of Trás-os-Montes, also provides us with a meat with a pleasant flavor and this breed is the origin of the best hams.

In the clear and cold water streams, trout are caught, which can be prepared in marinade or roasted on the grill and which require as only seasoning, salt and the excellent olive oil of the region.

In the Trás-os-Montes table there is never a lack of smoke, produced by wise hands and cured in a traditional fireplace. We talk about alheiras, sausages, sausages, hams, honey sausages and, also, the typical butelo that, accompanied by chasubles (dried bean peels).

In autumn, from the humid forests and the extensive chestnut groves in Bragança, mushrooms and chestnuts arrive, which are present both in traditional menus.

It is also essential to taste the organic honey from the Montesinho Natural Park, with unique characteristics due to the fact that the bees remove their food from the natural vegetation existing in the Montesinho Natural Park, where heather, chestnut and rosemary predominate.


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